JSC "Scientific and technikal enterprise "Navi-Dals" was founded in 1990 and it’s one of the leading companies in the branch of development and production new models of navigation and hydrographic equipment for safety of navigation

Currently the enterprise carries out production and maintenance:

Navigation echo sounder NEL -1000 and NEL -1000M is intended to provide the safety of navigation and to measure depths up to 6000 m under the keel of ships, ice-class vessels and submarines

Receiver-indicators "KVITOK-3N", "KVITOK-3NA" and "KVITOK-3NB" of Radio navigation systems "Loran-C", "Chaika", "Mars- 75", "Bras" and "RS -10" is intended to determine the position and motion parameters of marine objects

Magnetic compass KF 1 is intended to measure and display magnetic and true heading courses of the ship

Depth meter "ZENIT- IGP" is intended for measuring depth in the range from 0 to 6500 m and the diving speed of deep-sea crafts

Control systems for the operation of navigation aids "TP- SUPR":

  • Light optical device "TP- SUPR -M"
  • Light optical device for ice buoys "TP- SUPR -L"
  • Light optical device "TP- SUPR -mini"

Smoke alarm system of ship rooms, submarine rooms and shore facilities "ASZP -M"

Set of technical tools fiber-optic backbones for shipboard information exchange "KTS - VOM"

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